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"Good to catch up with The Quo Experience guys in Sussex when I was there at the weekend. They certainly went down well with a very enthusiastic crowd at The Clair Hall theatre in Haywards Heath. A sterling performance from young Woody and all the band playing a set from the "Just Doin' It" era. Great sound too thanks to Phil and his new Bose PA system. Well done chaps..." - Matt Letley 12/09/17

''Great to meet all the guys with The Quo Experience last night at the Royal Theatre, Windsor. They put on an excellent show really capturing the essence of the Quo I played with for 13 odd years - the attention to detail was awesome! It was fun to get up and play WYW and Rockin’ at the end and I’m really looking forward to playing the whole set with the band at The White Rock Theatre on 21st July 2017. See you there!'' - Matt Letley 09/05/17




You were fantastic! I’m amazed how good you were. What a fab concert.

As a huge Quo fan, (I’ve grown up with them with my father being a big fan) having seen them countless times over the last 15 or so years and listening to Quo’s music on a near daily basis, I recognised and appreciated all the effort and details that you put into your show. The stage decor, your costumes, the stances of Rick and Francis, the movements, style of playing, stage presence and layout....I noted and loved them all.

Fabulous sound and great set list. Loved all the songs, especially 4500 times, Hold You Back, Roll Over Lay Down & Paper Plane just to name a few.

I’ve seen several Quo tribute groups over the years and no group comes close to being anywhere near as good as you.

Please continue doing what you’re doing. Looking forward to seeing you again somewhere soon.

Well done on a top top show. - Brett


"That was a true Quo Experience!" - Josephine

"Dare I say it.... as good as, if not better than the real thing!" - Neil

"This is as close as you'll get without seeing the real thing.... closer with a Rick on stage!" - Mark

"If I were you lads, I'd chain your Rick to the stage before the real Quo nick him!" - Daryl

"You certainly have the 'sounds and looks' sorted guys... keep it going!" - Adam

"Ahh... a Quo tribute with keyboards...makes all the difference!" - Steve

"This is a serious deal... not to be missed!" - Paul




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