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''Great to meet all the guys with The Quo Experience last night at the Royal Theatre, Windsor. They put on an excellent show really capturing the essence of the Quo I played with for 13 odd years - the attention to detail was awesome! It was fun to get up and play WYW and Rockin’ at the end and I’m really looking forward to playing the whole set with the band at The White Rock Theatre on 21st July 2017. See you there!'' - Matt Letley


"That was a true Quo Experience!" - Josephine

"Dare I say it.... as good as, if not better than the real thing!" - Neil

"Shaun is an amazing Rossi... has to be seen to be believed!" - Nick

"This is as close as you'll get without seeing the real thing.... closer with a Rick on stage!" - Mark

"If I were you lads, I'd chain your Rick to the stage before the real Quo nick him!" - Daryl

"You certainly have the 'sounds and looks' sorted guys... keep it going!" - Adam

"Ahh... a Quo tribute with keyboards...makes all the difference!" - Steve

"This is a serious deal... not to be missed!" - Paul


The Quo Experience ‘Live’ @ The Exchange, Sturminster Newton – 11th March 2017

Finally I've got round to writing a review about this band’s first gig of the tour at The Exchange in Sturminster Newton. I hadn't heard anything by these guys so wasn't really sure what to expect..... They entered the stage to a massive cheer from the crowd and from the first bars of Caroline I knew this gig was going to be special! I was hoping for a differing set list to the one Quo themselves usually perform so when the third song of the night was Don't Waste My Time I waited in excited eager anticipation for the next Quo classic to be introduced by Shaun (Rossi) who commanded the stage superbly from start to finish with a presence that cannot possibly be taught! Dave (Parfitt) cruised through the rhythm guitarists role and played with a talent and vigour that only Parfitt himself knew how to. During the set there was a classy subtle tribute to Parfitt and I defy any hardened Quo fan not to feel emotional during it!! I was also incredibly impressed with the talent that Alex (Cave) and Graham (Bown) had as they both seamlessly and effortlessly performed their roles to ensure the Quo sound was maintained throughout! Brian (Edwards) had a none stop beaming smile throughout the show which eluded fun and happiness not to mention the talent that the guy has! Note perfect each and every one of them!!! The night flew by way too quickly for my liking and before I knew it the intro to Rocking All Over The World was being played and looking around it was hard to see a person who had remained in their seat. By the time the band were pumping out Bye Bye Johnny the place was rocking with people cheering, clapping and dancing in the isles! Everyone left the theatre with smiles on their faces and all were saying what an incredible show it had been. I was buzzing! We had experienced THE QUO EXPERIENCE!!

Neil Wolstenholme 



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