Meet The Band

Shaun Michaels (Francis Rossi)

Shaun has been performing as Francis Rossi since he was a child after first seeing Status Quo at the NEC in Birmingham in 1981. His first Quo tribute band was with his father and brother, called Fresh Quota! Since then he has worked tirelessly on perfecting his role as Rossi and it shows! Shaun founded The Quo Experience with Dave Crawte back in 2016, after meeting Dave through a mutual friend. From the moment they met, both Shaun and Dave new they were destined to play together and have forged an unstoppable partnership as Francis and Rick. 






       Shaun uses:

  • 1986 Fender Telecaster (Rossi replica)
  • 2x Marshall JCM 800 100w Heads
  • 2x Marshall 4x12 Cabs
  • Roland GP-8
  • MFC FC200
  • Mike Hill 808
  • Ibanez Tube Screamer
  • Vox AC30 Emulater
  • Ernie Ball Hybrid Slinky Strings
  • Sennheiser Guitar Wireless System
  • Sennheiser and Shure IEMs

Dave Crawte (Rick Parfitt)

Dave has been a professional musician since he left school. He was a founder member of the renowned New Wave of British Heavy Metal band 'Trespass' which later transformed into 'Blue Blood' for a period during the late 80's and early 90's before reverting to Trespass. Both bands released singles and albums and toured in the UK, Europe and Japan.  Dave has been a lifelong, passionate Quo fan since he was converted to the cause after watching them play on Top Of The Pops at boarding school! From that moment on he just wanted to ‘be’ Rick Parfitt and eventually achieved his dream by playing in a quality tribute duo called 'Not Quite Quo' and now The Quo Experience. Dave is a solid rhythm guitarist who pays attention to the tiny details, making his role in the band as Rick Parfitt, the powerhouse of Quo, as realistic as possible without actually being the man himself!

          Dave uses:

  • White Fender American Telecaster
  • Brown Natural Wood Suffolk County Custom Telecaster
  • Black Gibson Les Paul (4500 Times)
  • Marshall JCM 800 x 2
  • Marshall 4x12 Cabs
  • AC30  Emulator
  • Line 6 Guitar Wireless System
  • Boss Chorus CE5
  • Boss GE7 Graphic Equaliser
  • Boss LS2 Line Switcher 
  • Boss TU3 Tuner
  • Sennheiser and Shure IEMs

Graham Partridge (Andy Bown)

Graham has been ivory tinkling since he was eight years old, being classically trained on the piano and church organ. The plastic palm trees of the dance halls and clubs soon beckoned and he has played professionally throughout his life. With extensive touring experience in various bands, including many theatre tours, Graham fits in perfectly to the line-up of The Quo Experience. He has also been a life-long Quo fan but only now has he been able to fulfil his dream of playing in the style of Andy Bown. Graham is a superb keyboard player who captures the magic of Andy Bown's playing and vocals perfectly, which certainly takes The Quo Experience to a new level.

          Graham uses:

  • Roland RD700 GX Stage Piano
  • Korg Kronos X
  • Korg M50
  • Fender Telecoustic
  • Sennheiser Guitar Wireless System
  • Sennheiser and Shure IEMs

Del Fletcher (Bass)

Del Fletcher is a superb bassist from Suffolk, and an avid Quo fan who has played in Quo Tribute acts in the past. His ability on the bass helps the the band to feel and sound like the modern Quo. More details on Del to follow.

Leon Smith (Leon Cave!)

Leon is the newest addition to The Quo Experience. An excellent, top notch drummer from Suffolk who will fit in perfectly to give the band the exciting, stomach thumping feel every Quo tribute band needs! More details on Leon to follow.


Terry Turtle

Meet Terry Turtle, the official mascot of East Staging! Terry travels everywhere with Phil Bennett, the owner of East Staging. You may well see Terry popping his head up somewhere onstage at our shows! 

Phil Bennett is a Bose Pro Partner and will be providing a 40k Bose rig at most of The Quo Experience shows around the country to help us achieve the sounds and visuals every Quo fan expects. Phil will also be providing quality staging and lighting wherever possible and we are proud to be associated with him and his company, not forgetting Terry Turtle of course!

East Staging use:

  • 8x 281 VLF Subs
  • 8x Array Modules
  • 2x RM Fly Frames
  • 2x Ground Stack Brackets
  • 10x PowerMatch 8500n with Dante Network
  • 8x 208 Utility Front Fill
  • Yamaha M7CL48 & LS9 Mixers with Digital Stagebox
  • 1x Terry Turtle 2.0

Theresa Turtle

Meet Theresa Turtle! Theresa is also a new addition to The Quo Experience family. Terry Turtle needed a companion on the road! Honest, it's not Terry dressed up in a bow, pretty dress and lipstick, he's not like that!  :)


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